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Band Members

More Than Words

"Parable" . . . is Chuck Butler (lead vocals & guitar), Pat Patton (wind synthesizer), Joy Strange-Hutton (lead vocals) Don Kobayshi (drums), Lisa Wickham (lead vocals), John Wickham (lead guitar), Gary Arthur (bass guitar), and Alan DiCato (keyboards). James Gabriel played keyboards for the group in 1975-77.


Where Are They Now?

Chuck Butler
Scripps Memorial Hospital
Encinitas, CA
The Chuck Butler Band
North Coast Calvary Chapel
Carlsbad, CA

John & Lisa Wickham
Maranatha Chapel
San Diego, CA

Gary Arthur
San Clemente, CA

Alan DiCato
North Coast Church
Vista, CA

Don Kobayashi
Irvine, CA

Joy Strange-Hutton
Silverdale, WA

Pat Patton
Paso Robles, CA